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In 1990, Gas Pump Heaven, started out as simply just a hobby. Making parts to restore the old pumps that had been acquired for reselling or putting them on display.

In 2006, Gas Pump Heaven, launched its website to reach a broader customer base outside of the wholesale market with astounding results. Expanding its boarder of sales outside of the continental United States and reaching customers in Australia, Canada and Eastern Europe.



Since then, Gas Pump Heaven, has become the largest manufacturer and distributor of reproduction gas pump parts and accessories, with gross sales of over $1 million dollars annually.

Gas Pump Heaven’s products are manufactured in the United States, with no outsourcing, to maintain the highest quality possible on all our products.


  • Gas Pump Heaven
  • 5720 S 86th Circle
  • Omaha, Nebraska 68127
Phone: (402)-592-1710

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