Decal Application:
1. Mark the location for the decal installation using pieces of tape or marking pencil.
2. Peel of the backing paper (self adhesive side) from the decal.
3. Apply the decal to the panel using light finger pressure to locate it along the predetermined marks. As long as light pressure is used the decal can be lifted off the panel and readjusted as necessary for alignment.

Larger Decals:
Note: A wetting solution of liquid dish washing detergent (1 tablespoonful to 1 gallon water) is recommended for assisting the application.
1. Firmly squeegee the decal onto the panel surface using a plastic squeegee to provide maximum adhesion.
2. Remove any locating tape or pencil marks. Remove outer carrier paper and carefully re squeegee.
3. Remove air bubbles and wrinkles by poking a small hole with a straight pin and carefully using a squeegee to exhaust air throughout the pin hole.